1: Greg Jordan of Team Armalite on what it takes to compete at the top level

The very first interview on the 3gun show brings you 2014 3-Gun Nation Rumble on the Range winner and National Champion Greg Jordan of Team Armalite. Greg was incredibly modest and generous with his time and knowledge of the 3-Gun game and I know you’re going to love it.

In this Episode You’ll Learn:

  • How to zero and hold an optic with a Horus reticle for the fastest engagements in a 3-Gun course of fire.
  • Why the Browning A5 is going to be the next darling shotgun of the 3-Gun world.
  • How consistency in practice translates to match performance.
  • Why Team Armalite uses full mass carriers in their new competition rifles… And you should too!
  • If you’re not training 7 days per week, Greg Jordan is out training you.
  • And more!

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Thank you so much for listening to the very first episode of the 3-Gun Show podcast! Putting this web site and these shows together has been a ton of work but definitely an equal amount of fun. This little project started out as an idea nearly two years ago and today with the show in your ears and your eyes on this, the concept has been validated. Again, thank you!

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A big thanks to Greg Jordan for being the first guest on The 3-Gun Show! You’re awesome and I look forward to speaking with you again.


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