2: Keith Garcia on where champions are made and how to shoot like a boss when there’s money on the line


Twenty three year veteran police officer, twelve year SWAT team leader, 3-Gun Nation Pro Tour shooter and one heck of a cool guy Keith Garcia joins us to discuss the 50 Challenges that you should be doing to become a better shooter and how they are the stones that make up the Shooting, Weapon Manipulations and Transitions pyramid.

PLUS: Hear Dianna Muller throw down the gauntlet to Keith Garcia in Episode 5, challenging him to a “best interview” contest. Vote for your favorite interview here!

In this Episode You’ll Learn:

  • How to balance shooting, training and teaching with softball and Kung Fu. And why it is important.
  • Why Keith wants you to mount it as hard and aggressively as you can.
  • How can a 3-Gun match possibly be tougher than a 6-Gun match? And what the heck is a 6-Gun match?
  • Why if you’re using a quick disconnect scope mount in 3-Gun, you are wrong!
  • How to suck it up and come back for more if your first 3-Gun match is a total disaster.
  • If you suck at shooting you MUST get surgically enhanced if you want to beat Keith.
  • The #1 way to learn and improve in the sport of 3-Gun…. Right behind listening to the 3-Gun Show.
  • And more!

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A big thanks to Keith for being on The 3-Gun Show! Great show!



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