4: Drew Boldt of Team Strong-Side Tactical on treating cross-dominance and encouraging growth in 3-Gun


Joining us for Episode 004 is former stock car crew chief, current international natural gas and oil well equipment supply managing director, right handed writer, lefty shooter and sponsored shooter for Strong-Side Tactical, Drew Boldt. Although he’ll tell you that he represents the Average Joe Shooter, I have known and competed with Drew for years and he is an accomplished shooter as well as a model ambassador for the shooting sports.

In this Episode You’ll Learn:

  • The #1 part you have to maintain in your Benelli M2 and why
  • The advantages of strong-hand loading vs. weak hand loading the shotgun and why when you’re ambidextrous, there IS no “weak hand”!
  • Why you should shoot slow and do everything else fast in a match
  • How to welcome new people into the shooting sports while maintaining a very competitive and technically challenging match
  • Plus Drew’s prediction for the future of shotgun loading
  • And more!

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  • Check out Drew’s YouTube Channel where he posts tons of great 3-Gun footage.
  • Send Drew a tweet @colodrew or hit him up on Instagram @drewboldt or on Brian Enos Forum as colodrew. Be sure to let him know how much you liked his interview on The 3-Gun Show!  

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A big thanks to Drew for being on The 3-Gun Show! Great show sir!


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