5: Dianna Muller, Captain of Team Benelli on being a lady in 3Gun and surrounding yourself with inspirational people


Team Captain of Team Benelli and the shooter formerly known as Dianna Liedorff, Dianna Muller brings her sassy style and some much-needed estrogen to The 3-Gun Show in Episode Five. This 2013 USPSA Ladies Open Multi-Gun National Champion drops a ton of knowledge for new 3-Gunners and Lady 3-Gunners.

PLUS: Hear Dianna throw down the gauntlet to Keith Garcia, challenging him to a “best interview” contest. Vote for your favorite interview here!

In this Episode You’ll Learn:

  • Why being a girl is good for getting sponsors and why girls are good for the shooting sports.
  • What “slooping” is and how it will improve your shotgun game.
  • The benefits of actually reading the rulebook!
  • Why 3-Gunners are more fun to hang with than barrel racers. Hint: they’re just slightly less catty…
  • The best etiquette for taking a disqualification with grace and why Dianna and I are going to remove “you’re going home” from the safety talk at matches.
  • And more!

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  • This is a placeholder for Dianna’s unplanned mid-stage M2 pole vault…. Coming to Instagram soon….

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A big thanks to Dianna for being on The 3-Gun Show! Awesome show, can’t wait to do it again! And you didn’t think you could talk for an hour…. 😉



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