8: Jesse Tischauser of Team Rhino Arms on the new 3-Gun Nation Shoot-Off format, designing competition rifles for the average shooter


3-Gun prankster Jesse Tischauser of Team Rhino Arms brings his carefree and wild shooting style directly to your earbuds on episode 8 of The 3-Gun Show.  The $5000 winner at 3-Gun Nation Event #1 tells us what got him into 3-Gun, how much he sucked the first time he shot 3-Gun, how he got better through classes and practice and what the new 3-Gun Nation shoot-off format looks like for 2015.

In this Episode You’ll Learn:

  • The most important thing a new or mid-level shooter can do to ensure success in 3-Gun
  • Why Jesse recommends concentrating on one gear setup to be successful in the sport
  • How the quad load has leveled the playing field making anyone with a garage and a belt able to load as fast as Jesse Tischauser
  • Why long range rifle will continue to be the differentiator at Outlaw matches but pistol skills will rule at 3-Gun Nation matches.
  • Plus, learn Jesse’s biggest regret in his 3-Gun career and how you can avoid making the same mistake (but probably won’t)
  • And more!

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Video Relevant to this Episode:

  • The video that made both Jesse and I want to shoot 3-Gun!
  • Jesse’s first match on video
  • Loading 24 rounds under 12 seconds


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