11: Tommy Thacker, President of Armalite on the future of the company and the future of 3-Gun

Tommy Thacker fought a cold and demands on his time as President of Armalite to give us an hour to discuss how to encourage innovation in a 60 year old company, exciting new products that his team of engineers have put together in a very short amount of time and where he plans to take the company in the future.

A long time competitor and supporter of 3-Gun, Tommy also relates his vision for the future of the sport including new shooting formats, growing the audience for 3-Gun Nation which results in increased participation in the sport and eventually making 3-Gun a full-time job for 50-60 touring competitors.

Finally Tommy discusses his involvement with the charity One Team, One Fight and how he is committed to raising $50,000 for our nations veterans in 2015.

When we spoke to Rick Birdsall in Episode 7 we discussed the benefit of getting the Tommy Thacker seal of approval on anything in 3-Gun. Here’s where we do that on The 3-Gun Show.

In this Episode You’ll Learn:

  • The significance of Armalite in the past, present and future
  • How and why Tommy’s team at Armalite was able to build a rifle that can be run in the Pro Tour right out of the box
  • How to teach a product engineer about the importance of the feel of a competition rifle
  • How to discover what the consumer is actually looking for in a product
  • Why creating solid, lasting relationships are the greatest way to get ahead in the 3-Gun community and in life
  • The future of 3-Gun and why Tommy is pushing the sport to reach a level where shooters can make a full time living shooting and training for the sport of Multigun
  • Plus, why “Good competition brings great industrialism”
  • And more!

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A big thanks to Tommy for being such a great guest on The 3-Gun Show! Thank you so much for your time and for the advice.


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