13: Nick Atkinson of Team Crimson Trace on filming his 3-Gun Nation Pro Match and why he walks stages for hours before a match

Team Crimson Trace member and 2014 Fallen Brethren Match Winner Nick Atkinson joins us to discuss his pursuing your passions, adding flare to rental cars and why it is important to take time out to travel with your wife.

Nick also Tells us about his 3Gun Nation Pro Series match, what it is like being a part of a big television production, how he strategically used the eliminator round to get the most airtime and still end up in the shootoff. And (spoiler alert) who won the match.

In this Episode You’ll Learn:

  • How you can get twice as much practice if your carry gun matches your competition gun
  • Why your shotgun is the most likely gun to malfunction and how you can avoid it
  • How you need to spend hours walking stages to compete with Nick
  • Why Nick is not having fun unless he is winning
  • How Nick shot himself in his 3Gun Nation pro match… (Kinda)
  • How Nick used the eliminators to get the most air-time out of anyone in his 3Gun Nation Match
  • How to improve your roadtrip fuel economy and why you should never rent a car with Nick, no matter what he says. Never. Ever.
  • Plus, the advice that Nick received from Jerry Miculek that made him the shooter he is today
  • And more!

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      • Nick and company spice up their rental cars
      • Rentals
      • Nick takes a shot to the face in the 3-Gun Nation Pro Series MatchNick 11
      • Nick’s First 3-Gun Match

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