17: Matt Burkett of Predator Tactical on shooting himself, dealing with the ATF and building pistols


Matt Burkett is back for part two of a two part interview where we discuss building all-American race guns, dealing with the ATF on importing shotguns, the future of 3-Gun and why practical shooting should be recognized as a sporting purpose for guns.

Matt is a legend in the shooting sports and we had so much to cover that I broke this interview up into two parts. If you haven’t already, check out Part One and then listen to this one.

 In this Episode You’ll Learn:

  • Why looking down your shotgun barrel to check your choke is a bad thing
  • The dumbest thing Matt has ever done
  • Why a quality control document is KEY to getting your imported gun approved through the ATF
  • How to differentiate yourself as a pro shooter on the interwebs
  • Why I’m going to be changing my name to something more cutesy and creative
  • Plus… Matt Shoots himself! I’m not kidding and don’t try it. But scroll down to see what I’m talking about.
  • And more!

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  • Matt shoots himself (do NOT try this):

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A big thanks to Matt for being an awesome guest on The 3-Gun Show!


  • steve collen says:

    I listen to your podcast every week. Often on the way to or back from a match. Great job.

    But … 🙂 … don’t suck up to your guests so much. I know you have to sign up new guests, but ask provocative questions from time to time instead of saying everything they do or think is awesome.

    Matt was a great example of this. You could have pushed him a little about the spotty delivery track record of his company. I thought he sounded like a self absorbed windbag, although I will admit he was somewhat entertaining.

    Once again, great job. Thanks for doing the podcast!

    • Dave says:

      Thank you for listening to the podcast Steve and thanks for the feedback. I genuinely appreciate it.

      Replying with “awesome” is just how I am. I do it in normal conversations, email, Facebook, etc. It is a vocal tick just like when I start off every dang sentence with “so”. 😀 Also I say “dude” and “f**k” a lot. Ha!

      RE calling out Matt or other guests:
      I take the “host” and “guest” titles seriously and intend to use the podcast as a platform to positively promote the sport of 3-Gun and educate shooters along the way. I personally don’t like negative, sensationalist or “gotcha” journalism and don’t want the show to be that type of content either.
      And to be honest Steve I didn’t know about Matt’s issues in getting guns out the door other than what he told me on the show. I could have/should have done better research before hand.

      So thanks again for your feedback and for listening to the show!


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