19: Shotgun Technique, Training and Gear with Nick Atkinson BONUS!

Nick Atkinson of team Crimson Trace is back to discuss my favorite gun; the shotgun. In this episode we answer listener questions on technique, gear setup and practice. Nick has a big announcement to make which results in a giveaway of a ton of Carbon Arms gear that you can win by entering your name and email address at www.3GunShow.com/CarbonNick

Don’t forget to enter right away!

In this Episode You’ll Learn:

  • Why Nick doesn’t vary his load on stages… Unless he does.
  • Shooting shotgun fast means keeping a great rhythm
  • Why you need a full selection of chokes to properly deal with any situation you may encounter on the range
  • Why Nick doesn’t dry fire his shotgun… Unless he does.
  • What a pro’s shotgun maintenance and parts replacement schedule is
  • Why a paper towel and a dowel rod are the only tools Nick needs to clean his shotgun
  • How to use other shooting sports to improve your 3-Gun shotgun game
  • If you’re not good at shooting while you’re moving, make sure you’re good at loading while moving
  • And more!

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