Carbon Arms Giveaway Courtesy of Nick Atkinson

Nick Atkinson and Carbon Arms

Enter your name and email address below for a chance to win a set of five SSL-8 Shotgun Shell Pinwheels courtesy of Nick Atkinson and Carbon Arms!


Listen to the special bonus Shotgun Q&A episode featuring Nick for all the details.



  • […] Nick Atkinson of team Crimson Trace is back to discuss my favorite gun; the shotgun. In this episode we answer listener questions on technique, gear setup and practice. Nick has a big announcement to make which results in a giveaway of a ton of Carbon Arms gear that you can win by entering your name and email address at […]

  • Sean Faires says:

    I shot my first 3-gun match this month, and debated a lot on which shotgun shell carrier system I should invest in. I decided to go with the Carbon Arms SSL Backbone. Customer service was great! The SSL Backbone was the perfect set up for me, and got some attention from other shooters using other systems. A lot of the shooter in my squad were impressed at how well I was able to handle fast reloads for my first time out. I only had the SSL Backbone for 2 days before the shoot and was unable to practice with it in advance of the shoot. The stages that I used my shotgun went super smooth. Thank you Carbon Arms!

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