22: Ashley Rheuark on her road to the 3GN Lady Pro Series Championship


Ashley Rheuark 3-Gun Nation Lady Pro Series

Ashley Rheuark is the 17-year-old that is taking the 3-Gun world by storm and this week she calls in to the 3-Gun Show to talk about her incredibly quick rise to the top of the sport and what it was like to shoot against Lena Miculek in the 3-Gun Nation Lady Pro Series Shootoff.

In this Episode You’ll Learn:

  • Why if you are a young female on the range and you find another young female on the range, they immediately become your best bud
  • How the 3-Gun Nation television series has encouraged growth in the sport
  • Why you have to focus on every area of 3-Gun during each practice session so you don’t start lagging anywhere
  • And more!

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