30: Jansen Jones of Team Geissele – “Hard work pays off, you get what you put in”


Team Geissele’s Jansen Jones is our featured guest this week and he shared his journey as a gun owner and 3-Gunner. Jansen says that what he lacks in natural talent he makes up for with hustle and hard work. Judging by his successes, it is working for him.

In this Episode You’ll Learn:

  • How Jansen perfected “The Bail & Wail” in college… And what that is
  • Why you should never shoot two matches over three days in two states
  • How match experiences from the early days made Jansen appreciate the quality of 3-Gun Nation Pro Series Matches
  • How you can win $3000 worth of gear from Jansen’s sponsors
  • Plus, Jansen’s EXACT week-long match preparation ritual.
  • And more!

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Jansen’s Sponsors

Gear mentioned in this Episode:

Matches and Organizations mentioned in this episode:

  • Atlanta 3-Gun
  • Keltec Subgun Championship
  • South River Gun Club, Georgia
  • NRA Annual Meeting
  • Ray’s Sporting Goods, Dallas
  • AR15.com
  • 458SOCOMForums.com
  • 6.8Forums.com
  • Wilson Combat
  • 3-Gun Nation Pro Series
  • WarSport Team Challenge
  • Generation III Gun Match
  • X-Rail by RCI
  • HMT Group
  • Xtreme Bullets

People mentioned in this episode:

  • Bill Wilson
  • Matt Burkett
  • Rob Romero
  • Chris Patty
  • Joe Satterfield
  • Kalani Laker
  • Robbie Johnson
  • Mark Roth
  • John Noveske
  • Clint Upchurch
  • Janna Reeves
  • BJ Norris
  • Pat Kelly
  • Shiloh Matoon

Relevant to this Episode:

Jansen put together a huge prize package worth over $3000 from his sponsors that includes. To enter, make sure you follow Team Geissele on Instagram and Facebook then sign up now!

TrophyWin $3000 worth of gear from Team Geissele sponsors!
Your Entries
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Days Left

Jansen put together a huge prize package worth over $3000 from his sponsors that includes:

Freedom Munitions ammo gift certificate

X-Treme Bullets Gift certificate

ALG gift pack (ALG brake, swag and cert)

Geissele gift pack (product, swag and gift cert)

5.11 Tactical Polo

Hexmag Magazine pack (4 mags plus swag)

Noveske hat, patch and sticker combo

Nosler Ammo (223 69 grain load - custom competition)

Remington 12 ga Nitro shotshells

Optics Planet gift certificate

Enter your name and email for your chance to win. Contest ends September 14, 2015!

This contest expired.

Connect with Jansen and Team Geissele:

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A big thanks to Jansen for being an awesome guest on The 3-Gun Show!



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