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32: How to practice for 3-Gun – Q&A Friday with Andy Peterson


Back for more, Andy Peterson is on this special bonus Q&A Friday to discuss how to practice for 3-Gun and how to deal with the pressure of your first 3-Gun Nation Pro match.

Listener Questions In this Episode:

  • What training regimen would you recommend for a shooter new to 3-Gun that doesn’t have a home range?
  • How would you recommend a new shooter practice drills and techniques unique to 3 gun in their home or garage?
  • How many hours per week and rounds down range do you go through to keep up the skill level to compete on the pro level?
  • How did you overcome the pressure you felt when competing at your first pro series match?
  • What would be your single greatest piece of advice you would give to a semi-pro shooter trying to break into the pro series?
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  • Eric Stoner says:

    This was a great mini episode. It was really cool that Andy was willing to share his practice schedule training plan. I have really enjoyed your weekly program as well.

    Dave I do have one suggestion. I think it would be really cool if you asked the pro’s what dry fire or live drill they think a club level shooter would get the most out or just a drill of the week to consider adding to listeners practice schedule. It really be cool if you could then post a link to a YouTube video so that we could see the drill.
    I really appreciate all the hard you putting into this show it has really helped me improve my game .

    • Dave says:

      Great idea Eric! Thanks for listening to the show, glad you are getting something out of it!

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