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33: 3-Gun Sponsorship How-To with Mo Shaw of The Seekins Precision 3Gun Team


Seekins Precision Team Member Mo Shaw drops a ton of knowledge on us this week as he schools us on the ins and outs of 3-Gun Sponsorship. Mo was a Pro-Rodeo Steer Wrestler in the 90’s so he has a lot of experience working with big crossover brands such as Wrangler, Chevrolet, etc. If you are a beginner 3Gunner you learn a lot about how to conduct yourself on the range in this episode. If you’re a mid-level shooter that is considering sponsorship you will learn the how-to’s and how-not-to’s of sponsorship. If you are experienced in 3-Gun sponsorship you will take away something to add to your expertise.

In this Episode You’ll Learn:

  • Why the Pro’s Pro helps build and promote a brand rather than exchanging product for promotion.
  • How to give a huge return on investment to your sponsors by asking what you can do for them rather than what they can do for you
  • Why college athletes miss that regular competition and are drawn to 3-Gun
  • Why you need to give a brand a bigger return on their investment than what they’re giving you
  • How to deal with the pressure and perceived expectations that you put on yourself when you have a sponsor’s name on your jersey
  • Why your sponsors may not understand the sport of 3-Gun and the easiest way to educate them
  • Quantifying your value and what you can offer
  • The 5 things you’re doing wrong as a sponsored shooter and didn’t even know it
  • Plus: The most important things that you can do right
  • And more!

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Mo’s Sponsors

Gear mentioned in this Episode:

Matches and Organizations mentioned in this episode:

  • FNH USA 3-Gun Championship
  • MGM Youth Camp
  • Pro Rodeo
  • Firepower Arms, Mason OH
  • Atlanta 3-Gun
  • Noveske
  • Hexmag
  • Purina
  • Wrangler
  • Dodge Trucks
  • Chevy Trucks
  • Ford Trucks
  • Daniel Defense
  • Palmer and Lawson
  • JP Enterprises
  • Fallen Brethren
  • Atlanta 3-Gun Championship
  • Valor Match (Chris Palmer, Paul Coad) (Atlanta)
  • 3-Gun Nation Nationals
  • Hard as Hell

People mentioned in this episode:

  • Larry Houck
  • Rob Romero
  • Jansen Jones
  • Chris Garrison
  • Chris Patty
  • Craig Outzen
  • Glen Seekins
  • Katie Seekins
  • Lance Dingler
  • Nate Staskiewicz
  • Tim Yackley
  • The Yackley 5 (fb page?)
  • Greg Jordan
  • Shiloh Matoon
  • Burt(on?) Thompon
  • True Pearce
  • Jesse Tischauser

Relevant to this Episode:

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  • Awesome show thanks for all the great info, and the awesome giveaway!

  • james machabee sr says:

    my name is james machabee sr i live in urbana mo ive never won any thing in my life i love hunting shooting with bows guns archery i grew up on a big farm my grandparents and dad where a big part of my life tought me to love hunting fishing and camping and to only huint what you need to eat or feed your family or stock up on for the winter i love to shoot for sport target shooting moving targets and so on im not a spammer i beleave every one should experance the great out doors the way i was raised im not crazy i love thats why i bought a farm i raise cows and goats and have my own shooting range it relaxes you and is fun for the family to blow off some steam.and we have a fishing pond disabled now im down to a few rifles but im always looking to barter for some or get new ones when ever i can just to have some new ones.i have a really big family and 16 grandkids so alot of food to put on the table.thank you for your time .its a shame the city kids will never no how to respect a gun back in my day we got into a fist fight took our licks and lived to see and other day went to school with guns in our back window of my dually in high school never once thought of shooting and other kid.what a shame its come down to this .the sad thing was every one did most of us grew up on farms and had to keep other things like bears and bobcats off our heards .

  • Michael Perkins says:

    Thanks, Shared the heck out of it.

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