The 3-Gun Show and 3-Gun Nation Partner on Pro Series Championship Video

This video features the action from the 2015 3GN Pro Series shoot-off, synced up with the 3-Gun Show podcast recorded at the same time on-site.

When I went to the US Shooting Academy in Tulsa for the 3-Gun Nation Nationals and Pro Series Championship events I got the opportunity to meet some of the awesome athletes that I have interviewed on The 3-Gun Show and have nearly a dozen more great people on the podcast.

During the Pro Shoot Off I was able to cajole some of them onto the microphone with me to do a running commentary of the action which I later released as the 40th podcast and you could play it along side the Livestream footage from the match like The Dark Side of the Moon and The Wizard of Oz.

Pete at 3GN took note and had the awesome idea to do it a little more professionally. The result is an hour of footage from the 3-Gun Nation Pro Series Shoot Off featuring a mixture of audio from Chad & the competitors and the commentary from the podcast including myself, Dianna Muller, Nick Atkinson, John McClain, Rick BirdsallLance Dingler and Jacob Betsworth.



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