43: 3Gun Gear Setup & Temper Tantrums on the Range with Craig Outzen

Craig Outzen is back and in this extended episode of the 3-Gun Show we get a bit deep. We cover why it is important to have fun on the range, how temper tantrums can ruin your day and then we get into the perfect gear setup for 3-Gun.

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • Why having a temper tantrum after a bad stage might effect the rest of your match performance
  • You must talk to shooters that are better than you to get better in this sport
  • How to game the system to get your ammo from the US to Italy
  • Why personalizing the AR-15 has caught on like wildfire
  • How to choose your your 3-Gun kit when it is time to get serious
  • And more!

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