44: Becky Yackley Raises 3-Gunners & Wins World Championships

World Champion Team shotgunner Becky Yackley grew up shooting rifle and now shoots 3-Gun with her three boys and husband Mark. The shooting sports are a big part of the Yackley lifestyle and one big reason is that the kids are learning skills you expect adults to learn and gaining responsibility as they progress.

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • The most important thing that your kids can take away from shooting competition
  • Why you need to know your shotgun, your choke and your pattern for various distances
  • How an international experience can make your kids appreciate what they have in the United States
  • And more!

Becky’s Sponsors

Stoeger – Adams Arms – Leupold Optics – Winchester AmmunitionAmerican Trigger Corp – Black Palm Syndicate – Patriot CasesRCI-XRail – Oneida Molded Plastics 

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Becky on Facebook – Becky on Instagram – Yackley 5 on FacebookBecky’s Photography on Facebook

Relevant to this Episode:

2A Heritage Junior Camp
Sprung from the MGM Junior Camps vision to “pay it forward” with the gift of time & talent to grow American traditions in firearms sports, the 2A Heritage Junior Camp is growing that vision.

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