52: Best of 2015

The last podcast of the year is a little highlight reel of 2015. This was an amazing first year for The 3Gun Show and I am so grateful to all of the guests and listeners for the support that the podcast has received.

Highlights of this show:

  • How the very first question I asked on The 3-Gun Show fell completely flat
  • The greatest DQ story of the year
  • Some great life advice
  • The top 5 podcasts of the year!
  • Plus: Where the podcast is heading in 2016
  • And more!

2015 Highlight Clips

Top 5 Most Popular Podcasts of 2015

5. Jansen Jones touts the virtues of hard work
4. Keith Garcia will give you the tools but it is up to you to make it your own
3. Taran Butler meets James Cameron
2. Patrick Kelley fixes your ill fitting shotgun
1. Jerry Miculek trains Lena Miculek and explains the importance of vision


Matt Burkett gives us a life lesson

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