53: Accelerated Learning in 3Gun with Adam Riser

For years Adam Riser spent every waking moment rock climbing, ice climbing, backcountry skiing, and mountain biking. After moving to Salt Lake he picked up a new hobby: 3-Gun. In just two years Adam has accelerated from total newbie to placing second at the 2015 Purgatory Flats Hard as Hell Multigun.

Podcast highlights:

  • How a casual “hey wanna go shooting?” turned into an obsession with competition
  • When that switch gets flipped in your head and you know what FAST is
  • Why to find the super squad at your local range and learn from them
  • Plus! My most embarrassing shotgun loading story
  • And more!

Looking for a supressor? Check out Adam’s employer:


Matches mentioned in this podcast:

Relevant to this interview:

Adam’s Amazing Lowlight reel from the  2014MGM Ironman:



Connect with Adam:

Adam on Facebook, AdamRiser.com

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