63: Learning to Train with Kurt “Heavy Drop” Gruber

Kurt “Heavy Drop” Gruber is on this week’s podcast to discuss how he was immediately hooked on 3Gun, the times he spent a lot of effort on less effective practice by slinging tons of rounds down range and when he finally got serious about practice and what drills he runs. We also talk about the monthly matches that Kurt helps run that lead up to the XTreme Bullets Texas 3-Gun Championship Presented By Freedom Munitions that he’s been working hard on.

Notable Topics in the Podcast:

  • Learning to load the shotgun used to be a lot harder
  • How to divide your  time among family, work and shooting
  • Why newer shooters don’t get near enough weapons manipulations practice

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Kurt’s Sponsors:

Adams Arms – US OpticsHayes Custom Guns –  Blade-Tech Industries – Black-Nitride/ Rubber City Armory – Par Guns – Taccom, LLC – Copperhead Creeks Shooting Club – Horus Vision – XRail by RCI

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  • Stece says:


    Enjoy the podcast every week. Listened to every episode at least once.

    Please note, not all of us are tech savvy and don’t do Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and the like.

    Keep up the great work

    • Dave says:

      Thanks for the compliment! And big thanks for reaching out here on the website even though you’re not into social media. Feel free to comment or email anytime you have something to say!

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