77: What it Takes to Shoot at the Top of 3-Gun with Nick Atkinson

Nick Atkinson is back on the podcast this week, fresh off of a second place finish at the 3-Gun Nation Southwestern Regional match. Nick and I chat about the match and the struggles we had to overcome to perform, shooting a day in the life of a 3-Gunner video and then Nick takes it deep with some final thoughts.

Key topics in this podcast:

  • What sound does a jackrabbit make when you hit it with at .22?
  • How do you keep the weather and other externalities from affecting your mental game?
  • How and when to call wind before you shoot.
  • Developing a winning stage plan
  • Plus! The benefits of a $3000 rifle.
  • And more!

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Making Sure Kyle Simank’s Rifle is Safe:

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Special Match Announcement:

The Black Arsenal Great Lakes 3-Gun Championship is coming to Bend of the River Conservation Club July 17. This is a one-day format match with at least 7 fun and challenging stages. It will feature all of the usual divisions and you can expect a mix of rifle, pistol and shotgun including slug and buckshot targets. There will be trophies and a random draw prize table as well. Check them out on Facebook and register on Practiscore!

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