80: WarSport Team Challenge with FN America’s Tabor Bright

I was invited to shoot the WarSport Team Challenge on a team with Tabor Bright of FN America who I had met a few days earlier at the 2A Heritage 3Gun Junior Camp. The WarSport Team Challenge is a unique match because it requires every team to have at least one of either a junior or lady shooter. Damon Woodall invited Tabor and I to shoot the match for fun and we had a blast so I decided to have him on the podcast!

Some Topics From the Show:

  • Shooting with the Super Squad and dealing with the intimidation
  • Teaching the next generation of competitive shooters at the 2A Heritage Camp
  • Sacrificing your game so your kids can excel
  • Plus, possibly the coolest introduction to plinking that we’ve heard on the show
  • And more!

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A big thanks to Tabor for being a great teammate and for being  on The 3-Gun Show!

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