90: How to Talk to Your Legislator About Guns With The Ladies of The DC Project

Recently a group of ladies including many of the competitive shooters that you know and love from the world of 3-Gun formed “The DC Project” and traveled to Washington DC to speak to their congressmen about firearms topics. Di Muller, Becky Yackley and Heather Miller tell us how the trip went, what they learned and the best practices for speaking to your own representatives.

Some Tips From the Show:

  • Create an appointment to see your representatives
  • Focus on relationship building rather than discussing policy
  • Keep things positive and share your story
  • Plus: The three basic things you can do to make a difference
  • And more!

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Selected Links From The Show:

The DC Project on FBThe DC Project Website

The Ladies of 3-Gun, Team Benelli and Team Stoeger

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A big thanks to Dianna, Heather and Becky for representing us in DC and for being on The 3-Gun Show!


  • Daniel says:

    Dianna, Heather and Becky, Thank you all for the insight into how you are bridging the gap between shooters, non-shooters and their representatives. I feel like most shooters default setting is to get combative and angry at people who are uneducated rather than listen and inform. Thank you Dave for putting on a great show, I just started listening a couple weeks ago and now your show is a part of my daily routine when traveling to and from the range or work!

    Daniel F

    • Dave says:

      Daniel, thanks for the compliment and for listening to the show. I really enjoy the mellow and rational method that these ladies use when educating those that are ignorant to the function, use and importance of firearms.

  • Joan Heier says:

    Hi David — I just listened to your show with Di, Becky & Heather — very informative as to the process in Washington as to how to visit with your congressman regarding firearm topics. I appreciate your taking the time to interview these ladies and how important this topic really is as to the 2nd amendment rights.

    Thank you — Joan – Hays, KS

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