92: The Omaha Mastermind of Team Benelli

Lance Dingler, Jacob Betsworth and Nate Staskiewicz have gotten so much from their home range and the Eastern Nebraska Practical Shooters that they gave back recently with a prize table at their final match of the year. The four stage match was a lot of fun and we were able to get the “Omaha Wrecking Crew” in front of the mics to talk about the team dynamic that I observed in them at matches over the last couple weeks. These guys work better together as a team and they tell you all the secrets to duplicating their efforts.

Highlights from the Show:

  • Creating a stage plan as a team
  • How to break down your teammate’s performance to provide constructive feedback
  • Why you should have A stage plan to start with
  • How to train for specific matches based on it’s own style
  • And more!


Dave Hartman, host of The 3-Gun Show, was recently featured on Slam Fire Radio, the most popular Gunner Podcast in Canada!

Images We Discussed:


The Prize Table at the Eastern Nebraska Practical Shooters 3-Gun Match

Nate Searching for his 2011 Magazine

Nate Searching for his 2011 Magazine

Match Sponsors:

Benelli, Leupold Optics, Fiocchi Ammunition,5.11 Tactical,American Trigger Corp, Primary Weapons Systems, Invictus Practical, andHayes Custom Guns, Taccom, LLC, Taran Tactical Innovations, Briley Mfg, Weapon Shield

Connect with the Omaha Boys:

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Thanks to Jacob, Nate and Lance for being on The 3-Gun Show!

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