Thank you for 100!

The 3-Gun Show reached a pretty major milestone with the release of our 100th episode so I want to take a moment to acknowledge all of the people that have supported and encouraged the podcast along the way.

All of our wonderful guests have been so generous to share their story and their knowledge with the community. From funny match stories to hard core technical or technique-driven discussions, we have all become a bit closer because of their desire to share the love of the game.

My family and friends (new and old) have been incredibly supportive and I am forever grateful.

Most importantly, thank you. Thank YOU! Yes you, the listener, the reader, the supporter of the show, the buyer of t-shirts, the one that rocks the 3GS sticker on your truck or your gun case. Thank you. I do this to share with you the knowledge of the incredible people in our sport and I appreciate every single handshake, fist bump, download, comment, thumbs up and like. You keep listening and I’ll keep finding the coolest people out there with the most interesting stories to share with you.

I have been afforded many amazing opportunities because of the podcast and I can’t wait to see what is next. One thing is for sure, I’m taking you along for the ride so buckle up and stay tuned!

Good times!



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