102: Being an American and Doing American Things with Jeremy Moore

Jeremy Moore has an entrepreneurial spirit and when he sold his landscaping company it wasn’t long before he dove full time into a new passion. The man behind North Texas Multigun and The Shooter’s Source, is on the show today to chat with us about how his passion for the shooting sports grew into on online retail gun-gear store and running multiple matches each month.

Highlights Of The Podcast Include:

  • The importance of properly on-boarding new shooters into the sport of 3-Gun
  • How to make an event out of a match
  • How to start a business out of the back of your truck
  • Budgeting to hold a major match
  • And More!

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Important Links from The Show:

Vortex Presents Shooter’s Source 3-Gun Championship

Shooter’s SourceNorth Texas MultigunTriple C Tactical RangeWe Defy Run & Gun (come run it with Dave!)

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Thank you to Jeremy for being a fantastic guest on The 3-Gun Show!

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