108: Creating The World’s Greatest Gunfighters with the USMC Reserve Action Shooting Team

Gunnery Sergeant Matt Logan, Gunnery Sergeant Gil Stubbs, Lieutenant Colonel Mark Yackley and Sergeant David Simanski are on the podcast to tell you about the newly minted USMC Reserve Action Shooting Team 3-Gun edition and how it is aiming to build upon one hundred years of Marine Corp fundamentals and affect the next 100 to keep our Marines safer and more effective. These guys are doing great work and it is such an interesting and complex story that I knew I had to bring it to you.

Highlights Of The Podcast Include:

  • How the team came to be and what they’re doing to train Marines
  • How to juggle a job, a second career, family and 3-Gun
  • Plus, the top 3 things a Marine can learn from 3-Gun!
  • And More!

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 Connect with USMCR Training Unit and Shooting Teams:

USMCR AST on InstagramUSMCR AST on FB – Marine Forces Reserve Marksmanship Training Unit & Shooting Teams on FB

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