109: Train to Win with No Time, No Ammo and No Guns with Cody Leeper

Cody Leeper brings some next level mental game concepts to the podcast this week and we talk about he practices for 3-Gun without even touching his guns. This episode is all about using visualization to evaluate your match performance and practice for 3-Gun.

Highlights Of The Podcast Include:

  • Finding your own way of movement for your body style and ingrain it into your mind
  • Using visualization to practice for 3-Gun
  • Placing an importance on mental repetitions rather than physical repetitions.
  • And More!

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Important Links from the show:

“The History, Science and How-To of Visualization”, the article Dave mentioned

Boise State University Rugby – FB – IG

Travis Gibson’s Interviews on the Podcast: Episode 3, Episode 42, Episode 64

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  1. ISCOPE LLCSeekins PrecisionTaran Tactical InnovationsVortex Fireclean – GPA’s Custom Cartridge – Peak Custom Cases – Orange County Indoor Range

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