111: The Six Aspects of Practical Shooting with Kalani Laker

Kalani Laker is on The 3-Gun Show and he really brings it, opening up on everything from early influencers in the sport, what his drive was to get better and how he was humbled on a regular basis at Rio Solado. Kalani also tells us about the most expensive habit that he’s ever had and drops some massive knowledge as we walk through his Six Aspects of Practical Shooting.

Highlights Of The Podcast Include:

  • Swimming with the Sharks at Rio Solado
  • How Kalani plans his training weeks
  • The six aspects of practical shooting
  • Plus! Why accuracy begets speed
  • And More!

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  • Tyler Savage says:

    Dave, forgive me. I am a newbie. In episode one one one with Kalani Laker, he talks about ”miking” The sites on two occasions. What is he talking about?

    • Dave says:

      Tyler can you tell me the context of the term? Or maybe the timestamp of where it was said in the show?

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