113: What To Expect Sponsors to Expect From You with Reuben Aleckson of Vortex & Sean Burrows of HK Shooting Team

Reuben Aleckson of Vortex Optics and Sean Burrows of the HK Shooting Team are on the podcast to talk about… Work!  Well work for them anyway. You see when they’re not shooting matches, Reuben is the Tactical and Competition Sales & Marketing guy at Vortex Optics and Sean is a Digital Marketing Consultant. Together these guys give us a primer of how to approach a potential sponsor, what you should expect that sponsor to do for you and most importantly, what kind of value you can provide that sponsor to strengthen your relationship. Then we run through a few case studies to figure out the best practices in how to manage your image as a shooter and what you can be doing better on social media.

Highlights Of The Podcast Include:

  • What does a company get from sponsoring 3-Gun competitors?
  • Why communication is important with a sponsor that you represent
  • How to take your relationship to the next level with a company
  • Managing your image as a public figure
  • Plus, a bonus video!
  • And more!

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Important Links from this Podcast:

Reuben and I talk Vortex Products:

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  • 3-GUN-NUTZ says:

    Great episode Dave. Yet again you have pulled off another great interview. This show is packed full of great info.

    ***** Stars again.

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