119: Commentary of 3GN Pro Series Event 4 at the Southwest Regional with Rick Birdsall

Co-Host Rick Birdsall and I had many great guests on during the 3-Gun Nation Pro Series Event 4 while we watched Eric Eckhardt charge toward the win. We laughed, we speculated and we stayed dry during the action. After the rainy action Eric joined us for a post-shootoff adrenaline dump of a chat.

Guests and when they are on the Podcast:

  • Reuben Aleckson – 0:36:22
  • Jacob Betsworth – 0:48:50
  • Aaron Hayes – 0:54:30
  • Garrison England – 1:04:20
  • Lance Dingler – 1:05:10
  • Eric Eckhardt – 1:24:20
  • Kalani Laker – 1:43:31

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A big thank you to Rick, Reuben, Jacob, Aaron, Garrison, Lance, Eric and Kalani for being fantastic guests on The 3-Gun Show!

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