123: Match Recon – Texas 3-Gun Championship (2017)

Often called “The Xtreme match” because it is sponsored by Xtreme Bullets, the Texas 3-Gun Championship is one of those matches put on by people that love shooting and know how to have a good time. In a time where industry support is contracting, this match had a lot of support from the industry as well as industry representatives actually shooting the match.

If you are looking for information to decide whether you want to shoot the Xtreme Bullets Texas 3-Gun Championship by Freedom Munitions or need to know what to expect so you can practice, this podcast is for you.


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Match Recon:

Year 2017
Match X-Treme Bullets Texas 3-Gun Championship Presented By Freedom Munitions
Date March 31-April 2
Location Copperhead Creek Shooting Club Marble Falls, TX – Outside of Austin
Total Time or Points Match? Time Plus, Points
Rule Set Texas 3-Gun
PractiScore? Sign up a tx3g.com, scoring on practiscore
Quick Stats
*Schedule 3-Day, Half Day Format, Morning/Afternoon/Morning or Afternoon/Morning/Afternoon, 4 Stages Friday, 4 Stages Saturday, 2 Stages Sunday
*Match Fee $325
*Number Shooters 246 Signed up, 239 Completed – 25 in the RO Match
*Divisions, Winners Heavy Optics – Monte Long
Limited – Rick Birdsall
Lady Tactical Optics – Sky Killian
Open – Jerry Miculek
Tactical Optics – Nate Staskiewicz
*Other opportunities Helicopter ride/shooting opportunity, $125 fee
Skillz Utilized Roof-top, lots of flying clay targets and shooting/reloading on the move, mid-range rifle, long-range rifle that was out to 500.
Terrain Four Bay Stages, Five natural terrain stages and one tower stage
Match Flavor TEXAS! Each division winner gets a unique belt buckle. Each division recognizes “High Texan” as well. Alamo Stage. A lot of ground to cover in stages, nothing to strenuous. One all-pistol stage falling steel, one all-shotgun stage, lots of clays & thrown birds, one all-rifle stage from a tower with long-range targets.
Farthest Shot and/or # of long range targets 1x 500, 2x 400, 4x 300, 2x 230, 4x 200
Logistics Check in easy enough,
Venue Super easy to access, great venue, lots of improved buildings. Pulled Trailer and stayed in their “B” parking which had power only. Very creative use of facility, 4 of 5 bays were utilized as well as various natural terrain shooting areas.
Pre-Communication Web site updates before hand, updates to the Facebook Event, emails came out notifying of changes to the web site before match. Stage designs released on match web site. Emails came out during the match notifying us of delays due to weather, etc and of the stage that got tossed.
Staff Staff was fantastic, super laid back match and it showed through on the staff as well. One bad apple in the bunch.
Fun factor Super fun! This was a very enjoyable match with a laid back and fun atmosphere. Combine that with well designed, fun stages and it is hard to beat. Match staff played a fun April Fool’s joke on the shooters.

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