126: High Volume Accuracy from Criterion Barrels

The Criterion Barrels booth at SHOT Show 2017 is where we find ourselves and we’re speaking with Owner Steve Dahlke, Marketing Director Joshua Buege and their shooters Tom, Paige, Niki and Heath. Criterion is one of those companies that does a lot of work behind the scenes, manufacturing OEM barrels for many of the great companies that you see all over the shooting sports. We cover the difference between cut rifling and button rifling, how to get the best performance out of your gun by choosing good ammo and how to outfit your classic gun with a Criterion barrel to give it new life.

Important Topics from the Podcast:

  • Cut rifling vs. button rifling
  • Why the 6.5 Creedmoor is becoming the cartridge of choice for long range shooting
  • Where to get match grade 9mm PCC barrels
  • And more!

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Connect with Criterion and their Shooters:

Criterion Barrels – Criterion IG Tom Stewart IGPaige Hanson IG – Team Clevenger IG

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