127: Match Recon Vortex Shooters Source 3-Gun Championship (2017) #VS3G

Our Match Recon series finds us at the 2017 Vortex Shooter’s Source 3-Gun Championship at the Triple C Range in Cresson Texas. This match was a ton of fun with two tower stages, one moving vehicle stage and seven open terrain stages! If you like tons of long range rifle targets (including shots out to 600!), far out slugs and mid-long pistol targets plus a little bit of friendly coaching thrown in from your squad mates, this match is for you. But be prepared for that Texas wind, the hot sun, unusually cold days and definitely bring enough rifle ammo!

If you are looking for information to decide whether you want to shoot the Vortex Shooters Source 3-Gun Championship or need to know what to expect so you can practice, this podcast is for you.

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Match Recon:

Year 2017
Match Vortex Optics Presents the Shooter’s Source 3-Gun Championship
Date April 21 – 23
Location Triple C Range, Cresson, TX
Total Time or Points Match? Time Plus Penalties, Points
Rule Set North Texas Multigun
PractiScore? All on PractiScore
Quick Stats
*Schedule 3-Day, On/Off format. 4-4-2 Stages
*Match Fee $295
*Number Shooters 196 Shooters, 192 Completed
*Divisions, Winners Heavy Irons – JJ Johnson
Heavy Optics – Preston Clark
Tactical Irons -Adam Maxwell
Open – Jerry Miculek
Tactical Optics – Daniel Jirasek
*Other opportunities Take a photo near a sponsor banner, chance to win a prize
Side matches: Ping Time Targets clearing a bi-prop rack, Hiperfire Full Auto first shot, Lantac/CMC drill, Springfield Armory Side Stage
Shoot-Off based on top 5 finishes at side-stages.
Nick Miller’s family owns a Drive-In Movie theater in Granburry so they showed Deadpool free for all involved with the match.
Match Flavor Long-range targets and shooting while moving. Fun and accessible match as coaching is encouraged.
Terrain No bay stages! 2 tower stages, 1 moving vehicle stage, 7 Natural Terrain stages
Skillz Utilized Long-range rifle, shooting on the move, positional work, shooting from a moving vehicle. Shooting in the wind. Wobbly rifle platform. Wobbly helicopter.
Farthest Shot and/or # of long range targets I lost my range book but just on the long-range stage: 1x 600, 2x 500, 2x 400, 4x 300’s, 5x 200’s, 6x in the 100’s. 3 more stages had 3-4 long range targets from 270-320
Logistics Didn’t really check in, just showed up and shot. Started 1.5 hours late, stages ran so smooth that we were constantly finishing early and had plenty of time to eat, rest, walk stages, etc. Shooter’s meeting was given by the RO on the first stage which was unique. Very likely because this match is so spread out.
Venue 2000 acre working ranch, texas longhorns, horses, donkeys, goats, chickens, etc. Very well developed PRS-playground. 16 bays in the main area plus a 200 yard sight-in range. Shots out to a mile, with another 1.1 miles of runout behind that target. Pavilion, real bathrooms with running water.
Pre-Communication Web site had a little bit about what to expect from the match beyond the just the normal rules. One week before hand match booklet with stage descriptions and round count was sent via practiscore email. Jeremy Moore, the MD, was putting up some stage walkthroughs on FB live. Saturday night update, reminder of side matches, etc.
Staff Staff was great, helpful and in good moods. A lot of familiar faces including dudes that were on my squad at previous matches. Range commands were all over the place, no standardization.
Fun factor/Dave Factor This match was so much fun! I got to shoot from con-ex boxes that were tower-like, Shot from the bodies of two helicopters, from a moving UTV, 5 jungle runs (half the stages).
Funny things that happen at the match. Bee hive, giant snakes, rattle snakes. I ran out of long range ammo and had to borrow some on a stage. Then I chopped down a tree with my rifle on one stage.

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