129: Practical Shooting, Beyond Fundamentals with Nick Miller & Bill Corcoran

The first 3GS Book Club has us discussing Brian Enos’ classic book Practical Shooting, Beyond Fundamentals. I am joined by Nick Miller and Bill Corcoran of Team Dissident Arms for a round-table discussion and we recorded this one in front of a live studio audience and streamed it out into the world on live on YouTube. I’ve needed to read this book forever and I’m glad I finally got to it in this fun format.

Let’s keep the discussion going, put your thoughts in the comments below!

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  • LS Fukada says:

    Great discussion, guys! For how popular this book is, I think this is the first time I’ve seen it discussed in-depth. I lol’d at the idea of Enos appearing as a Force ghost. I felt like Luke Skywalker slogging through the attitude/mindset chapters: “OK, enough with all this zen shit, tell me how to shred like a Jedi already” lol

    Well, I’ll share some of my own thoughts and experiences. Before I even shot my first match, I obsessed about mechanics: Grip, front sight focus, proper stance, all that crap… must’ve been the Magpul DVDs, gahaha. When I actually started competition, with every mistake, every blown match, I began to pick up on what Enos, and what many other great shooters say: Thinking impedes action; you’ve just gotta make the shooting happen. Like you guys mentioned, you can understand how this mindset is common among the best out there. That was really cool what Jerry mentioned, Dave.

    As far as mechanics go, understanding the different sight focuses was huge for me. For a long time, I was a staunch front sight focuser, and only after experimenting with less refined focuses did I understand why the hell I was so slow compared to everyone else. I’m still not fast, but learning that I don’t always have to refine a crystal clear front sight focus was a freakin’ revelation to me. In Jerry’s awesome 3GS ep, he mentions the importance of a “soft sight focus”, and Leatham has been preaching the same thing recently (his “Aiming is Useless” vid and the accompanying GunfighterCast ep). Great stuff.

    Keep up the good work. I have no idea what the next book could be, but I’m already looking forward to it! I might have to check out that motorcycle maintenance one, sounds interesting.

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