133: Obstacles and Controversy at Texas 3-Gun Championship with MD Kurt Gruber

The 2017 Texas 3-Gun Championship was running so smooth on the first two days of the match that it couldn’t last. Not during spring time in Texas! Sunday, the final day of the match saw flash floods, lightning strikes and winds up over 70mph. Find out how the crew of TX3G dealt with the aftermath and got the match back on track in this interview with Match Director Kurt Gruber.

Highlights of the Podcast:

  • How Texas is making 3-Gun great again
  • Why the Nook isn’t the good deal for running Practiscore that it appears to be
  • How to play an April Fool’s Joke on your shooters
  • Plus: Will 2018 be the first year there is no prize table at Texas 3-Gun?
  • And more!

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Demolition Ranch shoots TX 3-Gun:

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  • Don Brush says:

    Listened to how the prizes were given out at TX3G Champs. % break down per division and then all the %s put together for the prize table walk in my opinion is as close to the perfect system that anyone could ask for. Loved the addition of a ladies division.

    • Dave says:

      I’ve been to a ton of matches and seen a ton of different methods of prize table walk. All seem to have upsides and downsides. This one seemed fine to me too but I don’t shoot top 20 so I usually don’t have a problem with it.

      Thanks for listening Don!

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