148: Deconstructing Practical Shooting Series with Adam Maxwell

This episode is by popular demand as in Episode 146 I mentioned this topic would be in the Patreon group and eventually on the main feed but many of you wanted to hear this particular episode right away so here we go. These questions are from Tim Ferriss’s new book Tools of Titans. Tim is an author, blogger, podcaster and the main focus & subtitle of his new book is sharing “the tactics, routines and habits of billionaires, icons and world-class performers.”

The questions that Adam and I tackle in this episode is from a chapter on “Deconstructing Sports and Skills with Questions.” Once I read this chapter I knew that these questions would be interesting and applicable to 3-Gun or practical shooting in general.

Some examples of deconstruction questions include:

Deconstructing Practical Shooting Questions:

  • Who is good at 3 Gun despite being poorly built for it? Who’s good at this that shouldn’t be?
  • Who are the most controversial or unorthodox athletes or trainers in Practical Shooting? Why? What do you think of them?
  • Who are the most impressive lesser-known teachers?
  • What makes you different? Who trained you or influenced you?
  • Have you trained others to do this? Have they replicated your results?
  • What are the biggest mistakes and myths you see in 3-Gun training? What are the biggest wastes of time?
  • What are your favorite instructional books or resources on the subject? If people had to teach themselves, what would you suggest they use?
  • If you were to train me for 12 weeks for a major match and had a million dollars on the line, what would the training look like? What if I trained for 8 weeks?

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