172: Introduction to 3-Gun with Matt Koopikka

Have you ever wondered what you need to go shoot your first 3-Gun match? Have you ever wondered how to find a match or what to do when you get there?

Michigan shooter and match director Matt Koopikka has taught hundreds of people how to shoot 3-Gun through his local gun club so he’s no stranger to answering questions and overcoming objections to getting people in the sport.

In this episode Matt and I discuss the gear, skills, attitude, safety and fun aspects of shooting your first multigun match. If you have thought about getting into the shooting sports but don’t know how, this podcast will guide you through the process and get you out on the range.

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  • Gary Hakals says:

    With a name like that you must be a fellow Finn, would expect a member of the ” master race” to be a champion! Good luck on future competions

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