mike foley on firearms nation podcast

USPSA President Mike Foley on Firearms Nation Podcast

Recently I was on the Firearms Nation Podcast with Arik Levy. If you haven’t already, you can check that episode out here.
I enjoyed chatting with Arik so much that I subscribed to FNP. His latest interview with USPSA President Mike Foley is great and I recommend that you check it out. 
Some of my favorite quotes:
– The more trigger-pulling the better
– One of the things I would like to see us do is to offer more single-gun, long gun like shotgun or rifle matches which fit well within our rulebook
– We’re sending 36 people to the World Shotgun Shoot this year
– The free market system that we have in the US for shooting sports organizations has caused multiguns identity to literally be “we’re not organized.” That’s how they’re organized, by not being organized!
– What’s going on with Production? …we’re going to shred it, we’re going to nuke it, there won’t be any more production.
Be sure to listen for yourself:
Nice work Arik!

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