177: Match Travel on a Budget With Garrison England

Shooting major 3-Gun matches can be incredibly expensive. Once you throw in travel expenses, lodging, match fees and ammo you could be looking at a weekend that cost you $1500 or more if you’re not careful. As a young 3-Gunner Garrison England found himself in that predicament but he was already hooked bad on multigun matches. The question was how do you travel and shoot matches more while keeping costs down? Garrison brainstormed with friends and over the years he has become quite effective at cutting the cost of a match to almost half of his original expense.

Listen in and Garrison will tell you how to shoot more and pay less.

Plus! We also discuss exciting developments out of the 2018 Texas 3-Gun Championship that is coming up in March. There will be more shooting opportunities than ever and there may be a couple spots left up for grabs.

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Garrison’s Key Points to Inexpensive Match Travel:

  • Pick your squad
    • Look for similar qualities, you will get along better
    • Same financial plane
    • Good hygiene
    • Choose people that have a similar sense of humor and be thick skinned. You will be spending a lot of time together, be sure that you don’t take joking too seriously and you don’t joke back too hard
    •  Goals – Be sure your goals in 3-gun align. Are you in it for fun or to compete at a high level? Do you have the same drive and determination? Be sure each of you is open to feedback.
    • Travel together – Picking matches you can drive to and driving through the night before walk-through allows you to save time off of work and combine expenses.
    • If there is a seat in the truck, fill it. The more people there are to split expenses, the lower the individual cost.
    • Shoot the same ammo. Buying in bulk can save money and it can also reduce the risk of running out of ammo due to a reshoot or some other circumstance.
    • Split Hotels – sleep as many people in a hotel room as you can stand. Also look into VRBO’s as a group cost-saver.

Overall be sure to ask yourself how bad do you want it? Is the suffering and sacrifices for you to shoot more matches it? Make sure your squad does the same.


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Thank you to Garrison bringing such a cool topic to The 3-Gun Show!

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