182: Long Range Preparation with Reuben Aleckson

At Multigun matches we are constantly asked to push the limits of pistol and shotgun, frequently shooting targets well past the practical range of each firearm. When we get to the rifle stage many people become nervous or lack confidence in shooting well within the effective range of the platform.

In this podcast Reuben Aleckson of Vortex Optics discusses the steps that you can take to give yourself that confidence and make sure you are prepared to shine at long range rifle stages including selecting the right ammunition, how to properly align your scope in various positions and the importance of trusting your gear.


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Thank you to Reuben for being an amazing guest on The 3-Gun Show!


  • Mike rasmussen says:

    This is so amazing. I took Reubens advice and started playing with my zero in Strelock. I found if I changed my zero to 165 yds my mrad reticle lines up perfectly for 300, 350, 400, 440, 480.
    This will save from having to think! I am saved!

    • Dave says:

      Thinking on the clock is bad. Simplicity is good. Glad you got some good info out of the podcast! Just make sure you confirm your DOPE on paper!

  • Anthony Dietmeier says:

    While I found the show very inspirational, my wife said the sound of Reuben’s voice in the background was absolutely the worst foreplay idea I’ve ever had.
    +10 points for good content
    -8 points for cock-blocking

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