191: Division Jumping – A Practical Guide

Changing divisions has been a hot topic lately with the dissolution of the 3-Gun Nation Pro Series we have seen a lot of the folks that traditionally shoot Tac-Ops (the only division recognized in the Pro Series) switching to Limited, Open and even Heavy divisions.

Why the exodus? There are many reasons to swap divisions; trophy hunting, shooting with friends, diversifying a team or even just playing with some new toys. Whatever your reason you can rest assured that the 3-Gun Show will help you through the process including helping you break down the rule set to maximize your advantage, choosing proper equipment and even giving you permission to purchase that brand new blaster.

This and more as we break down that what, why and how of division jumping.

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Thank you to Adam for gaming divisions with me on The 3-Gun Show!

One Comment

  • Adam says:

    Good show. I remember shooting USPSA before Practiscore and lots of people felt that too many divisions could ruin the sport. Plenty of times I went to their website and looked at how I did against 2 or 3 other shooters in Single Stack at a match of 30 people. Now, with Practiscore, it doesn’t matter how many divisions are used because it is super easy to manipulate the results and see how other shooters stack up against each other.

    Now, with that said, do you think it is a bad practice to allow as many divisions as people are willing to participate in at the local level, but then require divisions to meet a certain shooter number at a major match? IDPA has been doing something similar at bigger matches by getting rid of divisions (that it has been forced to adopt to keep up with USPSA). On the plus side, you can appeal directly to groups of shooters outside of the competitive world. On the downside, if they want to break out of the local scene they have been set-up for a rougher transition if they competed in a non-standard division.

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