202: Weapons-Grade Nerdery with Eric Eckhardt

In this week’s podcast I get to chat with Eric Eckhardt. Eric has spent years in his professional life, breaking down technique and finding efficiency in movement. We talk about the benefits and rewards of a long term grind toward achievement, how he was able to set aside his relationship with his fiancé Heather Miller to train her for the IPSC shotgun world shoot and then we dig into some hardcore nerd topics on physical training, mental training and of course firearms training.

Quote from a listener who watched the interview live:

“Think your long range game is spot on? Listen to this and you’ll likely change your mind.”

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Important Links from the Podcast:

  • Duskin 3-Gun Stage that “killed” Bryan Ray: https://www.facebook.com/bryan.ray.35/videos/1720638384693881/
  • Task Force Dagger Match Recon: https://www.patreon.com/posts/match-recon-task-19651458

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Thanks for listening! Thanks to Eric for being such an awesome guest on the podcast!

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