203: Match Recon – Rockcastle 3-Gun Pro/Am (2017)

The Rockcastle 3-Gun Pro/Am is the biggest match in our sport when measured by attendance. With two matches going on at the same time, a professional and an amateur, over 500 shooters descend on the Rockcastle Shooting Center in Park City, Kentucky each year.

The 2017 match featured many of the scenarios that you’ve come to expect from shooting at Rockcastle such as long range targets, shooting on a golf course, the bathhouse and of course some jungle runs.

The Pro/Am has a reputation of being a party with a match attached to it. Did it live up to that expectation? Was the match worth shooting? Find out by listening in.

Plus! Adam and I have a long discussion on what is a “pro” in 3-Gun after recognizing some controversy based around heavily sponsored and experienced shooters that were shooting the amateur match.

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Thanks for listening! Thanks to Adam for being my guest host on the podcast!

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