212: Patrol Division First Look with Nick Ingmire & Garrison England

There was a fun new development in multigun at the 2018 Colorado 3-Gun Championship as 18 competitors geared up to compete in Patrol Division. On the podcast are Garrison England and Nick Ingmire who both shot on the same squad and in Patrol Divison with me. We discuss the ins and outs of Patrol, how we prepared our gear, our minds and our strategies. We also have a few ideas for improving the division while maintaining the initial vision and spirit which is to get new shooters, specifically Law Enforcement and Military, into the game and competing with each other.

The division presented some special challenges for me and it was fun to fight through them and think about the game from a completely new perspective. We also had an incredible amount of fun with several months of friendly trash talking leading up to the match. That alone was worth the price of entry!

Discussion topic: After listening to the podcast, what do you think of Patrol Division? Would you shoot it at a major? Would you like to see the division at your local club?

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Fun photos from the match:

Riley Bowman

Dakota Overland

Adam Riser

Garrison England and I ready to Race!

Thanks MAXT Sportswear for the photo!

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Thanks for listening! Thanks to Nick and Garrison for being fierce competitors and great guests on the podcast!


  • Jody Tippett says:

    Listened to the show and love the idea of a patrol division. Going to gauge the interest of our club and hopefully implement it soon. Like the rule set y’all discussed and would most likely go with it as is. Enjoy the show, keep up the good work.

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