214: Blue Ridge Mountain 3-Gun (2017), Match Recon with Josh Tarrant

Special Field Correspondent Josh Tarrant checks in this week with a Match Recon of the 2017 Blue Ridge Mountain 3-Gun presented by Doublestar. This is the 10th anniversary of the very physical match run by Andy Horner at the Rockcastle Shooting Center and Josh gives us a rundown of what to expect from the match, how to practice and some lessons learned from his own game.

And of course, I give Josh a hard time for making a big rookie mistake in his own match planning.

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Match Recon Criteria:

Year 2017
Match Blue Ridge Moutain 3Gun Championship
Date Rockcastle Shooting Center Kentucky
Location Cave City KY
Total Time or Points Match? Points
Rule Set Unique
PractiScore? Yes
Quick Stats 10 Year anniversary of the match. One of the largest Blue Ridge Matches ever.
*Schedule On/Off
*Match Fee 300
*Number Shooters 252
*Divisions, Winners Tim Yackley TO
Ryan Muller Open
Aaron Hayes TL
Jomar Villamor Heavy
*Other opportunities
Match Flavor – Is there a theme? Rifle heavy, shotgun heavy, etc? What sets it apart from other matches? Is there something only this match has? Physicallity, Lots of movement followed by challenging rifle engagements
Terrain – Bay stages or natural terrain? Mixture? all open terrain and in the woods
Skillz Utilized – Awkward positions, heavy focus on quad loading, offhand rifle, slugs at distance, long Pistol shots, crazy obstacles, etc Come challenging obstacles, Climbing wall, culverts etc. Not a lot of crazy hard pistol or slug shots. Biggest challenge was rifle engagments while being very winded.
Farthest Shot and/or # of long range targets 400 yards longest shot. There 18 target past 200, and 7 or 8 past 300.
Logistics- Checkin, scoring, prize table walk, etc Checkin and sign release form, scoring was fine with DJ from PS there. Prize table was very congested it was in the Jesse James Room and there was some huge confusion that caused some issues.
Venue – Ease of access, creative use of facility, etc Rockcaste is awesome, best facility all in the east.
Pre-Communication – Do you receive information about what to expect at the match or any other pertinent information Match descriptions and booklet were provided prior. alot of the target counts and stage decriptions weren’t corrent.
Staff – How did the staff treat the shooters? Most of the RO’s were pretty good. THere were 2 to 3 particular stages that were known throughout the match to have problem RO’s.
Fun factor – Highly subjective, could hurt some feelings. Very fun match, lots of tough physical challenges. Some really fun stot arrays.
Funny things that happen at the match. The usual shenanigans. There were alot of medium to light injuries. Jeremy Young had a round detonate while racking it out of his pistol, Daniel Jurasek crashed into a log and went down hard had to have his big toenail removed. Lots of stuff like that.

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Thanks for listening! Thanks to Josh for being a Special Field Correspondent on the podcast!

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