Dave’s Question Featured on “Q&A with BA”

Ballistic Advantage has been doing a fun and informative series on YouTube called “Q&A with BA.” I have one of their barrels in my “truck gun” and figured I’d ask a question about the design of the barrel:

I have one of your 14.5″ 5.56 Performance Series Hanson barrels in my truck gun and I freaking love it!
My question: How is the effectiveness of the 11-degree target crown influenced by the end users choice of a muzzle device? Since pinning/welding my flash hider on the barrel I have often wondered if that target crown is now wasted.

Check out the video for the answer and if you want to pick up a barrel just like I have, you can use this link here: https://goo.gl/HKGP7m (affiliate link). Right now they’re running a promo that gets you a free upper receiver when you spend $200 which saves you $95. Pretty slick!

Thanks BA for the answer!

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