234: Physically Demanding Matches | Josh Froelich | Josh Tarrant | Adam Maxwell

Physically demanding matches with long par-times and a ton of shooting are what drew me to 3-Gun back in 2011. More shooting, more time on the clock, more problems to solve and some shenanigans for good measure.

I sit down with two guys well versed in shooting difficult matches, Adam Maxwell & Josh Tarrant. And we bring in someone new to the big-stage game, Josh Froelich. Together we talk about what to expect from these big style matches, how to prepare for them and why you should definitely put at least one on your match schedule.

Listen in and let us know in the comments below what we got right & what we missed. Do you agree or disagree with our findings?

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Thanks for listening! Thank you to Josh, AMax & Josh for being awesome guests on the podcast!

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