243: The Perfect 3-Gun Zero with Reuben Aleckson & Adam Maxwell

What should I zero my rifle at? This is a question I see so much in the 3-Gun world and I have two optics experts on this week’s podcast to discuss the perfect 3 Gun zero for your rifle.

Reuben Aleckson & Adam Maxwell of Vortex Optics recently introduced me to a program they have been working on for some time to find the perfect zero. Today we share their findings with you.

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Thanks for listening! Thank you to Adam & Reuben for being on the podcast!


  • Derek Combs says:

    I just heard about 36 yrd zero has the least amount of holdover or under…wonder how close that is to the same setting on a scope

    • Dave says:

      Make sure and listen to the end of the podcast… 😉
      Also the 36 yard zero is better utilized as a 300 yard zero. While it is a pretty good zero with very little holds, always check your DOPE on a paper target!

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