248: USPSA vs 3 Gun with Cody Axon of Shoot Fast Podcast

Coming off of the end of the 2019 USPSA Multigun Nationals I was inundated with feedback from competitors that were unhappy with the way Range Officers and other USPSA Staff treated the Competitors (customers) at the match.

This is a story that I’ve heard many times in many forms from 3 Gunners and PCC shooters that have ventured out to shoot a USPSA sanctioned match.

When I expressed this topic on the Shoot Fast Podcast’s Facebook page I was surprised to find out that traditional USPSA pistol shooters had no idea what I was talking about.

In an effort to improve the Practical Shooting community as a whole, Cody Axon, co-host of Shoot Fast Podcast agreed to come on The 3-Gun Show to discuss multigun shooters’ concerns and to see if we could find common ground.

Listen in to see if we were able to do it.

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Thanks for listening! Thank you Cody for having this discussion on the show!

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